About our company

Step into the world of Denita Ltd, a family business founded in 2005, inheriting the traditions of its ancestors who have been cultivating the oil-bearing Rosa Damascena since the late 19th century. Our story unfolds against the backdrop of the Rose Valley, where the rose gardens have been the driving force behind the material and artistic development of the region, bringing prosperity and fostering cross-cultural exchange. The specific climatic and soil conditions of the Valley contribute to the unique character of the Bulgarian rose oil, which comprises more than 283 components.

We invite you to join us on this fragrant journey where the essence of tradition dances to the rhythm of modernity. As you explore Denita Ltd, you'll discover not just a company, but a living testament to the enduring power of heritage, innovation, and the boundless beauty of the Rose Valley.

Our Expertise


⦿ Rosa Damascena and Lavandula Angustifolia plant cultivation

We firmly believe that top-tier essential oils and floral waters stem solely from the finest, fresh plant materials. Our commitment to sustainable cultivation has fostered expertise in tending our rose and lavender fields. By understanding each plant's characteristics and respecting its natural habitat, we deliver superior raw materials for our distillation process, ensuring premium quality in our end products.


⦿ Essential Oil Distillation

Our distillery, opened in 2008, represents a perfect blend of century-old tradition and modern automation technology. The entirety of the distillation process is supervised by us to guarantee the quality of the final products. Our production process is ISO 9001:2015 certified.


⦿ Trade with essential oils and floral waters

We work directly with our clients and ship our products worldwide right from our facilities in Bulgaria in a secure, timely manner and at the most competitive prices.

Natural Essential Oils

Essential Rose Oil

The rose oil is obtained through 100% hydro-distillation from the Bulgarian Rosa Damascena.

Essential Lavender Oil

The lavender oil is obtained through steam distillation of Lavandula Angustifolia Mill. It is a 100% natural product.

Natural Floral Waters

Natural Rose Water

Our rose water is a 100% pure and natural product obtained through hydro-distillation of Bulgarian Rosa Damascena.

Natural Lavender Water

Our lavender water is a 100% pure and natural product obtained through steam distillation of Lavandula Angustifolia Mill.